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«Modal Harmonies can tell my timeline. Based on Lydian or Mixolydian or even on Aeolian or Ionian but not on Dorian. The Line In Dorian».

Line In Dorian is a Barcelona-based side of Joel, a very young and super talented DJ, Producer & Audio Engineer. When Joel changes the skin and goes into Line In Dorian, his most expressive, emotional and deep music comes out culminating in some kind of Romantic Techno, or this is the way he is able to describe his own music.

After finishing his Advanced Music Degree and a lot of time looking for his own sound (immediately recognisable) and working for three years as music producer and mixing engineer, he starts touring officially in 2018. His passion about analog gear and physique format of art makes him playing a lot with vinyls since he was fourteen. He combines the vinyl technique with some CDJ’s to play out his new music. Summing that to his eight years of experience make his sets unique, being able to make the crowd go on trips through melodic & conceptual music as well as making people dancing until their legs are not reacting.

At his young age, he has been supported by huge names such as Robert Babicz, Fur Coat, Gabriel Ananda, among others. He has shared stage with artists like Oscar Mulero, Cristian Varela, Christian Smith, Alexander Kowalski, among others, and he has played in Aperture (Ibiza), Eumes Showcase (2016, 2017), Porta Ferrada, Sala Upload (Barcelona), etc.